Please add a “Wildlife” tag to Cam Plus AI. This way we all can help train the Wyze AI how to detect animals that are not pets.
For me it’s typically deer, birds, squirrels, and racoons.

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A big part of the issue is deciding what is a pet vs animal. Some people have birds as pets. Unless we can get AI good enough to differentiate between types of animals I do not see it changing. Pet will essentially detect any animal.

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Yup, I agree but also have “faith in AI” that it can learn and hey, worse case maybe it detects a bird as both Pet and Wildlife … but … a deer or grizzly bear or gator as only Wildlife!

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Pet = :raccoon: :grin: :grin: :grin:

Why not just change Pet to Animal? All pets are animals, but not all animals are pets. Problem solved.


I like it too.

Although, some folks think “pets are people too, not an animal” :sob::joy::sunglasses:


I wholeheartedly agree with this. I have multiple cameras outdoors and I see deer and raccoons and possums all the time and they are labeled as pets. If it can distinguish insects as a tag, why not wildlife?