Wild Animal recording

Hi! We recently installed 2 outdoor cameras and the doorbell due to people cutting our Christmas lights. Anyways, I was also hoping the cameras would pick up some wild animal activity but it hadn’t picked anything up. Is there a special setting I’m missing???

Welcome to the forums! Few question for ya. How and where are the camera mounted or placed? Are you getting any events/notifications? What are your event recording, detection and sensitivity settings?

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We have a camera over the garage door and one on the side of the house, and then the doorbell at the front door. We are getting person and vehicle notifications. The sensitivity setting on all 3 is at 70.

Getting small critters is hard to do with the WCO unless it is close to the ground. This cam is about 6 -7 inches off the ground on the bottom rail of a fence. I have tons of Racoon, Possum and cat videos day and night. You need to have the face of the cam just right so movement is across the Green PIR zone. Here is a goofy squirrel. I’m posting photos taken from the video because the video is very fast and short.Adding another video of Petronella Possum who comes by 3 or 4 times a night.

Sounds now that you have camplus also. In the event tab and the individual camera settings, are you filtering out non ai detection notifications? And only showing ai tags in the event tab?

For troubleshooting, I would crank the sensitivity up to 100, and make sure the event tab has NO filters applied so that you can see in the event tab all the things that the camera is tripping on and saving cloud clips for. You can leave your notification settings as is so you only get notifications for the ai tags if you want, we’re mainly wanting to see what the camera is tripping on and uploading to the cloud which can be checked on by going straight to the event tab. If you want notifications for everything you can open the floodgates and turn all your notifications settings on the individual cameras.

@Antonius have some good recommendations above and experience on everything WCO usage and catching the critters on video.

Live action flip book🤣

:rofl: It was a 12 second video with a few seconds of action.