Widget - how to make it easier?

I have several Wyze devices and I’ve created rules to manage them. But sometimes, I want to manually switch a plug on or off using my phone. Currently, I have to use the Wyze app or a widget. The widget doesn’t allow direct control of the plug, instead it takes me to the correct page in the app. At times, it doesn’t work and I’m forced to use the Wyze app, which often shows pop-up ads and news. Is there a way I can turn the plug on or off with just one click on my phone?

I use Google Home for this. Not sure if it is on all Android Phones or if it is just a feature on my Moto, but…

I installed Google Home on my phone and linked my Wyze account. All my Wyze devices now show in Google Home as well as all my other linked ecosystems

On my phone, I press and hold the power button briefly and the Home Control Panel appears (under the Emergency, Power Off, & Restart. There, I have all the devices I want to see as button tiles that I can toggle on or off. The panel is able to be edited for only the devices you want and in the order you want.

Another option is to use Google Action Blocks to create your own widget buttons that tell Google Assistant what actions to take, however I find these very clumsy.