Add buttons to control other Wyze devices within the wyze camera interface

It would be very helpful to control other wyze devices within the wyze camera interface.
I want to be able to turn on/off devices while in camera mode to monitor device activation.
It would be very helpful to have control buttons in the video interface to control other Wyze devices without leaving the live video feed.

It would be nice to be able to do control devices like switches and bulbs while viewing a camera feed. That way you can watch while turning things on and off and not have to go back and forth.

Question? Is it possible to update your app to include the Wyse plug on/off inside a specific cam? i.e. I have a cam in my garage and would like to turn my light on in the garage with my wise plug while looking at the cam.

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Define what you mean include? It’s pretty simple to do what your asking using Alexa routines.

Edit: ok I see what you mean, you want to activate the light on demand, while simply viewing. I just ran a trial, I made a shortcut on my phone, I click it, the lights come on and launches the app. When I close the app, that triggers the light off.

Again, this is the problem with a closed ecosystem. Simple things like this become “wishlist” items.

Example: using home assistant, I replicated your need in 5 minutes. Very simple.

This would be helpful

Yes! Would love the ability to toggle a device (plug, lamp, door lock, etc.) from the video feed just by tapping on the user-created, highlighted field.

I’d like the ability to trigger a switch or plug while viewing a camera.

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