View camera and activate wyze plug on same screen?

I want to view my camera (or a group of cameras), and control a wyze plug on the same screen, on the same device. That way, I can switch on a device in response to what I see on camera, and have control while I continue to watch.

I know I can set up triggers based on motion, but I want manual control. I tried to group a camera and a plug together, but it doesn’t seem possible.

Any ideas on how to do this?

I typically use a second device for something like this. Like view the group of cameras on my tablet like usual, while controlling the plug using my phone.

Sounds like a good wishlist item!

That exactly the setup I’m using now, but was hoping to only carry one device around the house with me. I’m building a raccoon deterrent, but don’t want to automate it and scare my pets.

Try using shortcuts to turn the plus on and off. That way you can view the cameras while manipulating the plugs.

WildBill, that sounds promising. Can you give me a quick explanation of using shortcuts? I have not heard of this before. Is this possible on Android, or is an iPhone only thing?

Forget this…it doesn’t display shortcuts when viewing a camera. Sorry, they are only visible on the home page of the app.

Shortcuts are part of the app on all platforms. You can create them as part of the rules engine. It creates an icon at the top of the screen which you click to execute a command. I need to get onto my ipad and then I’ll send a screenshot. Right now I’m on my laptop.

Well, even though it doesn’t solve my current problem, I appreciate your education on shortcuts. I can think of some great uses for them, so thank you.