New App Function

Has anyone heard whether Wyze will give us an updated app that has a Home and Away function so we can turn on and off all cameras or other connected devices with one click? My other platforms all have this and it is so nice to be able to control all selected device with one button. I have my Home function programmed to turn on just the devices I want operating while I’m home and the Away function is programmed to turn on everything while I’m away. With Wyze I need to select individually all the devices I want running while I’m away. Could be so much simpler. Come on Wyze, give us a fully functional app!!!

I haven’t seen this on the #wishlist yet! Please add it, I’ll vote!

I use the shortcuts in the rules to do this.
It adds a button at the top of the main screen.


Now that I think about it, you could use an Alexa routine with IFTTT.

shortcuts would be best for this, I do actually have some that have this function for the most part. its just a matter of remembering to hit them. for instance I have one for “leaving” that shots off all bulbs and plugs that aren’t needed when I am not home.