Controlling Wyze Plug within Google Home App

I understand that you can set up the Wyze plug within the Google Home app to use the Google Assistant and voice commands to control the Wyze plug, but can you actually control the smart plug with the Google Home app like you can the Wyze Bulb?

Both for Wyze and non-Wyze products, I struggle to find out what integrates only with the Google Assistant (via Google Home setup) or what truly integrates with the Google Home app.

I’m not sure I understand your question. My Wyze Plugs show up in the Google Home app. I can control them (on/off) via voice control through the Google Assistant.

Thanks for the reply. I understand that I can control it with my voice, but I want to know if I can control it through the app without voice commands. For example, I can turn Wyze Bulbs on and off and even change the color within the Google Home app without using the Google Assistant voice commands.

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Yes, you can turn it on/off via the Google Home app manually either from the top level:

or click on the desired plug and turn it on/off:


Fantastic. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

I’m trying to build an ecosystem where I can control devices both with my voice via Google Assistant and control manually within the Google Home app. I shouldn’t assume both of these are possible with any device that supports Google Assistant voice commands, right? For example, just because I can use GA voice commands to open my garage, I wouldn’t think that necessarily means I can open it manually with the Google Home app. If this is true, is there a way to explicitly know if I can manually control devices within the app as well?

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You are correct… you can’t assume. There are too many constantly changing variables and players between the IOT device (plug, bulb, etc.) and the other end (phone, tab, etc.). To avoid the frustration of purchasing only to find an incompatibility or partially developed function, it’s best to just ask here. It’s one of the main purposes of this forum… users helping users. :+1:

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