Add Wyze plug to Google nest hub

I’m trying to see my Wyze plugs on my Google Nest hub. I can see and modify them in Google Home app on my phone, but I can only see my Wyze Cams on the Google hub. The Plugs aren’t showing up. The Google Home app is showing them and the Wyze account is linked. but the sync with the Home Hub isnt working. any ideas on what to do next?

We have Wyze plugs and Wemo from before Wyze came out with plugs. The Wemo smart plugs don’t show up in Google either which makes me think this is something on Google’s end and not on Wyze’s. I would submit feedback to Google requesting they add smart plugs and the like to the hub’s menu.

Google Hub and Wyze plug integration has not been completed yet. Wyze is still working on that integration. :slight_smile:

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