Why Some Recording are Muted by Default?

I’ve been noticing that some of my V3 camera recordings for a sound event, are always muted for playback and I have to unmute them. Why?

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My observation is that the setting for audio muted for a particular camera is remembered from the last time that camera was played back.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, I believe that you are talking about the speaker symbol (labeled “Sound”) during playback - NOT the “Record Sound” setting under Advanced Settings for each camera.

Well, I’ve never muted any recorded video, it’s doing it on its own. So I have to unmute it to know what the sound event is and after viewing it I delete it, with it unmuted. And yes, I’m talking about the speaker icon labeled sound.

I’m starting to think that Sound events are muted by default. No other recordings, except sound events, no matter the camera, are muted.

Are you viewing the events in the playback or through the events tab ?

I have noticed that when I view events in the events tab, if I press on the sound icon and turn on the sound or turn it off it’ll save that action and it won’t reverse it until I manually do it myself…

I view my recordings in the Events tab and as I said before I’ve never muted any recorded video, so no sound event should be coming up muted. But to test it I unmuted the event then closed the app and went to play the event and sure enough it’s muted again. Could a bug the app has with iOS.

I just tested this and the action saved.

I viewed an event in the events tabs, the sound icon has a line across it meaning it was muted, I tapped on it to unmute it, I then force closed the wyze app and opened it again and viewed that same event and the sound was still on.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, using the android app version v2.42.0 (292)

I will test this out on my iphone 8 and see if I can reproduce the issue you are experiencing

And that was for a recorded sound event specifically? Triggered to record by sound. Because it works exactly for me as you described for motion events, just not sound events.

Okay, I did not know it was for sound events .

Will test it

Well, I did say Sound Event recordings. :slight_smile:

I tested this on both my Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and iphone 8.

I turned on record sound events for 2 cameras. Got 2 sound event notifications. When viewing both events in the events tab, I tapped on the sound icon to hear the sound. I then force closed both apps and opened the app and viewed the events.

When viewing the events after force closing the app, both events on both phones loaded with the sound. I did not have to tap on the sound icon to hear the sound.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, wyze app is running the V2.42.0(292) app version and the iphone 8 , wyze app is running the 2.42.1 (1) app version.

Thanks for testing it out but you have an old iPhone that doesn’t run the current iOS, which is 16.5, which may be the issue.

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Nope, it is running the latest IOS software. 16.5

One good thing about apple is that they will offer longer OS updates than our compatriots over at Android. . This iphone is from 2017 and its running the latest iOS . Amazin!

Well then this is interesting and I don’t understand why it’s not working on my end. Guess I should try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. But thanks for the help.

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It’s working correctly now!

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That’s great :slight_smile: