Why is Wyze using such a horrible company as TForce Logistics as a shipper (Canada)?

With the great Black Friday deals, I bought a Wyze deadbolt and bulbs directly from Wyze and never received my order. Wyze is using TForce as a shipper in my area and they are absolutely the worst shipping company around (just Google the reviews which are all 1 stars - it appears they used to be Dynamex which was horrible too). TForce supposedly attempted to deliver my package 3 times after 9PM (though there tracking system says otherwise). Now, TForce is saying that they returned my package to Wyze and that I would have to figure it out with Wyze. I spent hours in an online chat with a Wyze agent and am still waiting for someone to contact me about what to do. I have a very strong feeling that my items were simply “appropriated” by TForce. My question for the Wyze management is "Why would you use a 1 star company as a shipper? And how can I talk to a “live” person at Wyze to get my products? I am so discouraged and just want my items that I paid for.

I believe the phone number for Canada Customer Support is (581) 500-1166


Thank you for your help. Wyze folks set up a replacement order for me but unfortunately it will likely go missing again because they are using t-force Logistics as delivery company again even though I warn them several times.

I bought a single camera on Nov 30th. It was supposed to be shipped Dec 5th Expidated Parcel via Canada Post. As of Dec 8th Canada Post still does not have the item. I feel sorry for people who buy stuff on Wyze Canada store for Christmas presents.

I have purchased stuff from China and got it quicker.

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I feel your pain TForce /Dynamex is utterly horrible. They use contracted drivers using personal vehicles to do the deliveries. They managed to lose a Christmas present that got to their Winnipeg Depot I bought on Amazon several years ago

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Bought a Wyze camera at the start of November and an outdoor plug in on the 28th of November. They were both shipped to my Post Office box in Cochrane Alberta via T-force logistics. The post office won’t accept a parcel delivery from a courier. Who is the shipper at Wyze??? Finally got my camera using customer service but after 13 days I’m still waiting for a notification of where my plug is. Good thing they use tracking, hold on, they do but still don’t know where it is.