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Wondering if anyone can get ahold of someone from the orders team in North America. I’ll try to short form
my issue but here it goes. I live in Canada close to the American border. I ordered 2 black flood light pros from the American site and had it delivered to a parcel pick up depot in Michigan. I go the box home and found one white and one black flood light pro. I contacted the orders team via sms and phone but was told that they only had stock in the States and they couldn’t send me the proper item to me in Canada. I have to pay bridge tolls and parcel pick up fees if i was to pick up the item again as well as taking an hour out of my time to go state side. I’ve requested to have the item shipped to me directly so that I don’t to pay those extra fees for something that was not my doing. After speaking to multiple people from the orders team in the Philippines they offered me a 20 dollar gift card on my next WYZE purchase. This does not correct the issue at hand. I’ve asked multiple times to be forwarded to someone in management in North America After once being hung up on (or “call dropped”) and then being bounced around to other agents I was able to ascertain that they (in the Philippines) have no contact info to anyone in North America who might be able to correct this problem properly. I can only assume that the orders team over seas have their hands tied and are only to provide options that their management has given them. That’s why i want to speak to someone in North America. Companies and people are capable of send product across the border, fact! I’m sure the right person can correct this issue. I even suggested that I would go and get the correct item in the states at the parcel depot again at my cost and time but to maybe make the sting a little less by giving me some Wyze ear buds. That also was not in their power to do. As i said they said they would give me a 20 dollar gift certificate but after 3 weeks of back and forth and being passed around to i believe 7 or 8 different agents, I’m reluctant to want to buy anything from WYZE again. A company that prides itself on customer satisfaction has dropped the ball in my mind. It’s a shame as I actually like your product and own 4 items from WYZE. I also in the past have boasted about your product. I think WYZE directly has made money from me telling others of my appreciation for WYZE products. Anyways, hopefully this reaches the right people or someone is able to get me in contact with someone cuz at this point i feel like a bit of a pit bull and can’t let this go. I almost just want to spray paint the white flood light pro black and call it a day but now I want to see this through and see if WYZE will come good. Let me know what you guys think.

Anyone had problems with overseas order team?

I’ve had a nightmare time dealing with the Orders team from the Philippines. So much to the fact where I’ve tried to escalate my issue and asked to speak to management in the United States and I keep getting the run around. They will either drop my phone call or they will pass off to another “orders agent”. I have never been belligerent in any way. Has anyone ever go the run around like i have?? Can anyone suggest how to get a hold of someone state side who is actually able to help me??

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If you state what your issue is maybe someone can give you advise. This place is 98% other users but there are WYZE Team members who check post when they can and may be able to help.

I am sorry this has happened to you. If you have your ticket number from when you contacted support, I can get it seen by management. I obviously cannot guarantee and resolution since I am not in that department, but I can get it looked into.

Thank you Jason for responding. Their orders team has settled with me at this time by refunding me fully for my incorrect product and said to not worry about sending it back. I guess maybe ill spray paint this one black like I originally ordered. It really was a long drawn out, crazy interaction with the WYZE order team. The ticket numbers were :
3507214, 3507093, 3507214, 3515082

Hopefully this interaction can be sent to someone with some authority in the Orders department so another customer doesn’t feel like I did.

Neil Ewart

I am glad it has been settled. I will definitely send it up for training. Thank you for letting me know the update.

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