Shipping and support nightmore

I am looking for some help on how to best work with Wyze Support.

Short version: I am in San Francisco and placed a V3 order on 2/25 and was given an ETA of 3/4. It is now it’s 3/14, I was just told by Wyze Support to keep waiting. What can I do?

Long version: The package was shipped via Fedex (another nightmare) - it has gone from IN->IL->KS->TX->AZ->CA->AZ->NM->KS->IN->PA->WV->OH, and now in MO. I contacted Wyze Support on 3/7, they first told me to check with UPS (huh?) after 10 business days. I replied and asked why UPS if they shipped in Fedex. It took Wyze Suupport another week to get back to me, and this time they ask me to contact my local post office: " I suggest contacting your local post office regarding the status of your order. If you have not heard from them in 2-3 days, please let us know so we can investigate this further."

Any suggestions?

I would suggest calling them.


once it is shipped it is out of the hand of Wyze. at that point your best bet is to contact the carrier. depending on your location and what you order it could be coming with any of the big three ( fed ex, UPS, usps) you appear to have a tracking number so you should know who that is for your order. I have on rare occasions ( not with Wyze) seen carriers do hand offs between each other so that is something to be aware of. that I have only seen in a very rural area.


Have you contacted FedEx?
Not sure how late it has to be before Wyze considers it undeliverable.

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