Why is V3 versus wise smart bulb

I have an interesting phenomenon happening between my V3 camera and my smart bulb. I have the V3 set to come on at sunset and go off at sunrise and it does that perfectly. When I set the smart bulb to come on at sunset and go off at 5 AM it unfortunately follows the same rule as the camera and goes off at sunrise which is later than 5 AM here. Any suggestions as to how to fix this without separating the two devices because they need to be in close proximity.

Can you post screenshots of your device rules? Make sure all listed actions are included in the screenshot. Thanks in advance!

Edit/ I deleted your other topic that you created that contained the same information as above. You only need the one thread and it’s against the Community Guidelines to cross post.


Thanks for deleting the other post that was a duplicate of this one. I saw my mistake and couldn’t figure out how to delete it. Thanks again. I’ll post what you’ve requested shortly on this thread thanks

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Again I am having a problem attaching a photo from my iPhone to this response on the forum. Had this problem yesterday and eventually was able to send you a picture of my dinner the night before but today I’m getting the same problem trying to attach a photo. I’ve selected the photo from my library on the iPhone and did copy. Now when I try to paste it here I only get the option to select or select all not paste. clearly I am a neophyte here. Lol


Regarding my V free I don’t have that set with rules I have it set so that it is On night vision auto. Therefore it switches to night vision off at sunrise which doesn’t agree with my 5 AM intention for the smart bulb. however it does seem to override the setting that’s on the bulb which again is in the immediate area.

Sorry that’s V3 not V free

Also, thank you very much for your patience during my learning process. You have been very helpful and I’m hoping to learn a lot more as time goes on. Thanks again

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So the problem is that the bulb turns off at sunrise and not at 5am? What does your rules history show? Account -rules -history.

Again, G2,3,4 went perfectly as expected. They went on at Sunset and off at 10pm. G1 on the other hand was scheduled on at sunset as it did and off at 5am which it did not. Instead it went off at same time as nearby V3 which was set to Auto night vision mode meaning night vision is set to go on at sunset and off at sunrise as it always does.
My only conclusion is that somehow the V3 is influencing the smart bulb which really doesn’t make sense to me but it’s what seems to be happening due to close proximately as I mentioned.

According to the history, something happened to g1 at 5am. Click this to show what ran at 5am and show a screen shot of that:

If a camera night vision is set to auto it’ll switch from night vision enabled and night vision disabled on its own depending on the available light. There is no rule trigger or rule action for the mode switch that could trigger it to switch directly other than changing the available light influencing the auto night vision to switch from one mode to the other. What time do you say your G1 bulb is turning off and how do you know what time it’s turning off?

I’m sending you a few pictures to set the stage. This one is G1 and the V3 in very close proximity. Next will be all 4 lights.

This is the row of 4 bulbs on posts in the garden with G1 being far left.

This is history saying that G1 turned off but it did not ( until exact time that the V3 switched from from night to day (full color). I know this because I set continuous recording overnight.

The night vision changes on the camera are probably due to lighting changes from the bulb

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Do this for a test, switch the night vision mode on that v3 to off, then let it go to see what the bulb does.

You didn’t break down and open up the 5am line. Click where I arrowed above to open that line and show what occured.

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Sorry Omg,
I sent the wrong pic earlier. Here it is.