No Infrared with Cam v3 when powered by Wyze bulb socket (E26)

Decided to simplify a little and tried powering my “Garage” cam v3 from the Wyze lamp socket (E26)… but when I do, I get zero night vision… even if I go in to the app and force it on (vs. auto).

If I change back to the wall plug, it works fine.

Using Wyze supplied cables in both cases. Have applied all FW updates.

Is this a known issue?

That is an odd problem. :neutral_face:

Confused about the setup.

  1. Doesn’t the Wyze Lamp Socket already have a cam attached to run the light socket?
  2. How long is the cable run from the light socket to the Garage V3?
  3. I assume that is not a Garage Door Controller V3 that you are trying to power from the Socket?
  4. What is the advantage of powering the Garage V3 from the socket instead of a local 120V outlet in the garage?

Scenario 1: Wyze supplied 120vAC plug → Wyze supplied USB cable (6? ft) → Wyze cam v3
Scenario 2: Wzye light socket adapter (box also says E26) → Wyze supplied USB cable (also ~6ft) → Wyze cam v3

I have good night vision with Scenario1 (ie. at night inside garage). I get no night vision in scenario 2. Socket is set to always be on. Also have toggled thru the night vision settings of the camera.

If I had to guess it would be that the socket+USB isn’t supplying enough power. Or I have a bad cable/socket. Need to play around a bit more.

I had ordered 2 sockets… installed #2… what I see is that

  • with the socket ON, no night vision
  • if I then turn the socket OFF… the camera still works, and now night vision WORKS!.. but if I hit “back” to the list of cameras and select garage again… no night vision. I have to turn the socket back ON and then OFF again… which only lasts as long as the current LIVE view… if I hit back, and then re-select garage… no more vision.

I can also confirm that the red LED (indicating the camera is selected) is only on when the night vision is working. In the case that I select the camera and night vision is not working, I am viewing the camera (albeit totally dark) and the red LED does not come on.

smells like some weird bug to me… is the a bug reporting mechanism?

We have a Fix-it Friday the first Friday of every month where members can report bugs. But it’s usually best to call Support for confirmation that there really is a bug, and then they will probably forward it to Engineering for you.

What I think I am starting to understand is when the Lamp Socket light BULB is ON, you don’t have night vision, and when the bulb is off off you do? Is that right?

What still bothers me is you said you tried night vision ON vs AUTO, and it didn’t work. Plus when you back out of live view and come back the night vision is no longer engaged without cycling the light bulb again. If I’m interpreting all that correctly, anyway.

Using the wall AC plug… all works as expected.

Using the Wyze socket, the only way to (temporarily) get night vision is to

  • turn socket on
  • have live view on
  • turn socket off
  • night vision works

once I navigate AWAY from live view (ie. to look at another camera) night vision is no longer on and will not come back on until I re-do the sequence above.

Have you tried using this combo in another light fixture? Maybe the fixture itself is underpowered?

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open loop reply:… but it WILL do night vision if I go thru the hokey sequence

closed loop reply… but it was worth a try, so yes, I moved it to another socket and get the same result

And FWIW I also removed the bulb, below the socket so that wasn’t presenting any load

Just confirming, that you can’t get the camera into the night vision mode (black and white picture) or is it to have the IR lights to turn on while night vision mode is “on”? Can you provide photos of the cameras view at the different stages of the issue?

I moved the camera + socket to an inside (not garage) lamp… series of 3 shots… in theory the settings of #1 and #3 are the same? but note the difference in view… mesh as a new user… 1 photo at a time…

@zimcomm, I just found out that mine is doing the same thing but I found this out only when the light bulb screwed into the Wyze Light Socket had burnt out.

I noticed my front porch light did not come on as I was entering the house so once inside I checked the app only to find the icon for the lamp socket was showing green indicating that it was on but yet there was no light. I pressed it to try turning it off then back on and it was then when I saw the change on the screen display of the cameras view. I had the camera set to ‘AUTO’ so without a light actually coming on/off, there was no reason for the cameras view to be changing… but it did.

I changed the setting from ‘AUTO’ to ‘ON’ and then cycled the lamp socket on then back off again several times and continued to see the cameras view to change each time I did this and so I then changed the setting to ‘OFF’ and repeated the process with the same outcome.

I changed out bulbs and set it back to ‘AUTO’, and then when I turned on the light socket, the new light came on. If not for the light bulb going bad, I would have never noticed this ‘glitch’ myself and I would imagine that many have not noticed it for the same reason that I have not prior to now.

If like me, many will keep their Cam V3 night vision setting on ‘AUTO’ so that during the daytime (or whenever the exterior light bulb in the light socket is on near the Cam V3), the cam shows everything in color but at night or in the dark, it turns on the night vision on the Cam V3 and when I have only seen this difference at night (with a working bulb when it comes on and goes off), I was never aware of the glitch that the Cam V3 has when being powered via the Light Socket until now.

Hopefully this will help give you some information that you didn’t have in trying to find answers as well as anyone else that runs across this forum.

Misery loves company?? :slight_smile:

joking aside, I gave up and removed the Wyze socket and went back to a dedicated USB charger connection.

Sorry if I’m being dense… did you find a fix/work-around? (or just that you encountered the same problem)


Actually, I think I have found a work-around and it seems to be working so far, so good (as far as the problem I was having about the lamp socket not turning off the light bulb screwed into it after activated by motion by the attached Wyze Cam V3). I have the detection zone on the V3 set to the minimum area with the sensitivity set to 45 with 2 rules created.

The first rule is a ‘Schedule’ I have named ‘LAMP SOCKET OFF’ set to where ‘WHEN’ start time is 7:00am & end time is 8:00pm, running every day, under the ‘DO’ section, I have the V3 cam that is attached to the lamp socket set to turn off the lamp socket… so by this schedule, the lamp socket is turned off between 7:00am and 8:00pm

Now, the second rule, is a ‘Device Trigger’ I have named ‘PORCH LIGHT’ which is set as follows: under the ‘IF’ section, I have the V3 cam that is attached to the lamp socket set as detects motion, then under the ‘DO’ section, I have that same V3 cam chosen with the setting for it to turn the lamp socket on for 1 minute. Under the ‘WHEN’ section, Time is turned on and start time is set to 8:00pm and end time is set at 7:00am (same times as the schedule times in the first rule) running every day as well.

At 8:00pm the light always comes on for a few minutes but it does go off after a few minutes then it seems to only stay on for the 1 minute set time after that when activated. I hope that helps.

This is because of this:

When you have a start AND and end time, the action you include runs at the start time, and its inverse (in your case of having the OFF action at the start time, the ON runs at the end time) runs at the end time. This is why your bulb turns on at 8p. I bet it turns off because a motion rule runs, turns the bulb ON (but since the bulb is already on nothing happens other than an entry in your rule history) then once the motion rule ends after a minute the bulb is commended to turn off, which it does as you state here:

Then it appears your motion rule runs like normal after that, as you state here:

I’d say what you need to do is to remove the end time (8pm) from the OFF schedules rule. Then the camera won’t turn on at 8, then the trigger rule will take over.

I’m not sure I follow. My problem is that when using the light socket, the AUTO setting for the IR/night mode (on the camera is not working… ie. the camera can’t see anything in the dark b/c the Wyze socket does something to prevent them from working.

@zimcomm I’m sorry, I got sidetracked with another problem. Now having a working bulb again, I don’t notice the night vision glitch just as I didn’t before… I had totally forgotten about it to be honest about it.

@Omgitstony Actually, that only worked for the first two nights then after reviewing the memory cards, I found that after that, the light stayed on all night after being activated by motion (car headlights going down the road) the first time. Now, I am lost for ideas on how to prevent to light from staying on all the time without manually turning it off within the app after each time it comes on because if not, it will stay on all night.

Post screen shots of your rules and make sure all actions included are visible.

NP, but please fork/create a thread specific to the issue, so this thread can focus on the IR/AUTO failure with the socket (not that anyone had a solution yet :frowning: )