Why is the group view still unable to load more than 10 cams?

Regrouped the cams into 2 groups of 8

The first group All 8 a viewable in group view.

The second group of 8
Only the first 2 stream in the group the other 6 never connects in group view, but selecting and going back those cams work until app is closed.

Seems Wyze doesn’t want to support more than 10 cams

Time to start looking for a replacement brand as Wyze probably won’t fix this issue…

What Wyze may be saying to you if you don’t be nice. :wink:

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Fix it Friday is once a month on the first Friday of the month, so we have to wait until the next one on 5/5/23.

While all of the submissions are reviewed and looked at by Wyze, they only pick the one with the largest amount of votes, indicating that particular issue is affecting the largest amount of users, to get weekly reports, action plan, updates on how it’s going, etc. But at least either way it will get a little more visibility.

Honestly, it’s usually pretty easy to get your issue to win on Reddit or Discord because not as many people participate in upvoting on things, so you often only need a couple people to support something for it to be considered as affecting the most people on that platform. The forum has a lot more participation.

Either way, May 5th is still a week and a half away and then the first report is posted the next Friday.


@bryonhu @Aardvark

I have received notice from Wyze that they found the issue with Grouping a lot of cameras, more than 10, and then there is issues with Displaying the camera feed. They are fixing it and will provide the update in a future app release.

Just wanted to pass this on.

Thanks for the provided logs and information


Wyze engineers must have added ChappedGPT to their coding toolbox. The turnaround seems to be shortening (first the new-tone-bungle fix and now this!) :slight_smile:

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lol. Whatever was done, it seems to be working well



@bryonhu, ya little malcontent, throw caution to the wind, say something nice… :wink:

I have the same problem with group view. Created a new group with all new cameras and had the same problem. I had/have a group of 16 cameras and when loading the group, cameras 11-16 do not load the live view, Those last 6 cameras just attempt to load but never do. If I open them up individually in the group they load fine and then I am able to see them in the group view but if I exit the group it goes back to not being able to load cameras 11-16. This group included:

12 Cam V2’s
4 Cam Pan V1’s

All cameras and app are fully up to date. As of last week and currently today, 4/27/23, I have replaced my cameras and have a completely new group and the problem persists. 16 cameras in a group but only the first 10 load while cameras 11-16 do not load. If I click and enter the camera view inside the group it loads fine and am able to see it in the group view after that but If I exit the group it goes back to the same problem. My new and current group consists of:

14 Cam Pan V3’s
2 Cam V3’s

Again, all cameras and app are up to date. Wyze troubleshooting could not fix the problem. They suggested making sure all the cameras and app were up to date, restarting the devices, restarting the app and finally deleting the group and remaking it. None of these were successful. It is most definitely a bug in the app. Both of the groups I experienced the problem in have 100% different cams and models.

I started having the problem about 2 weeks ago and before that had no problem with a 16 camera group over the previous 18 months.

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Glad to see the issue acknowledged by Whyze, hopefully this gets resolved :grin:

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This issue seems to have been fixed in the latest app beta:

It wasn’t explicity mentioned (only “bug fixes”), but so far all cams are loading now in my large groups. :grinning:


That’s GREAT news! Hopefully we can get that confirmed by @bryonhu too (it’s okay if you don’t use the Beta and just wait until Production bryonhu, but if you do try the Beta, let us know if are able to confirm the resolution for yourself too!) :slight_smile:

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Tried it in a just one of my Androids, not my “Every Day Carry” Android though…

Loads the group of 16 cams like it should…

Only Bug is this icon “image” that shows up on my screen :rofl: {Just Kidding}


You should set up a special tone so you never miss anything I post. :wink:

I’m sure this has been discussed before (to lazy to search :slight_smile: ) Can we have same camera in two different groups?

EDIT: This question wasn’t directed to @peepeep only, but to all of the participants. Did I mention that I am lazy :slight_smile:

EDIT 2: Look at that, I found it in the wish list and I have already voted for it :slight_smile: Pipe dream I guess :frowning:

I wonder if this possible with Alexa!!!???

It gives me a certain license, however… :wink:

I hope it’s not license to kill :wink:

We good. :grin:


Well Beta did work for more than 10 cameras in a group…

But the latest public release still SUCKS in that aspect.

One step forward, one step back :disappointed:

Version 2.41.5 () does NOT fix the >10 camera in a group bug…

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