Why is the Blue Light Always On 1 of 5 Cameras ?

As the title says why is 1 camera always has the blue light at the back of the camera on 24/7? The camera is working fine just a little puzzled …none of the other 4 cameras light are on, all working…

While in live stream, tap the gear icon. Then tap Advanced Settings. There you will see a switch labeled “Camera status light”. This allows you to turn the blue status light on or off.

Thanks for the quick reply very much appreciated, yep just as you said, I turned it off.

You’re welcome. Just be aware that with it off, if you ever lose connectivity, you won’t have the light (e.g. flashing blue/yellow) to help with status which is used by support.

Oh…good to know…I have had connection problems in the past when I was away on vacation 4 of the 5 cameras were effected. I would get notifications but no video if I selected the camera. Now that I am home my plan was to call support when they lost connection, all blue lights now on!!!

Thanks for the heads up.