Blue light not on but camera working

Why doesnt my blue light on my wyze camera work anymore but the camera works fine?

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Do you have the Camera Status Light setting toggled on in Advanced Settings?


where do i find that?

Open the cam into live stream

:gear: Gear settings icon top right

Advanced settings about half way down.


Ok it says the light is on but it is not on maybe it burnt out?

I suppose it is possible although I have not heard of that happening.

With that toggle on, does the light come on at all when you power cycle the cam?

no it doesnt and i have tried it multiple times.

Sounds like a malfunction then.

Contact Customer Support to inquire about a warranty replacement if it is a function you need.

I have all my status lights disabled, so I wouldn’t be able to tell if they are working or not.

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The light on my Wyze Can Pan stoped working about a month after I got it… was Nov. 2018 so it’s well out of warranty. Camera status light is on in the app. Camera has always worked so I never worried about light not working.

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I sort of feel the same way. I have all my status lights off anyway because I don’t want them broadcasting their presence.

But, for some it is important to see when the cam is being live streamed.