Camera light (blue) is off on cam

Few days ago, I noticed all my 3 v2 cams were off and needed to recycle power, v1 cam and pan cam are good. But I notice that the camera light is off even the setting is on all 4 cams, pan cam is good. I tried turning off and on by unplugging the power cord but still off. Any idea what should ne the issue? Cams are on latest fw.

Hi, @boldventure. What app version are you currently using? (V2.5.36 is the latest.) If I understand you correctly, you are saying all the settings are on for the blue status light.

If you would like to confirm your settings to be sure, there is a setting to turn the blue light on in the “Advanced Settings”. Go to Camera > Gear Icon, Top Right, > Advance Settings > Camera Status Light > Turn On.

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I am using that version of the android app and Camera Status Light is on. I tried to turn it off then on but the light is still off. I am just wondering 3 v2 cams and 1 v1 cam have this issue at the same time, pan cam has no issue

That is really odd. Have you tried contacting support about this issue yet? I really don’t know what else could cause the blue light to stay off like that. If you want to try to do a reset on one of the cameras and see if that makes a difference, I would suggest that.

If that doesn’t correct the problem, I recommend contacting support and Submit a Request here.