Why is my playback button gone on my wireless camera's?

My Wi-Fi went off for 2 days and I finally got my cameras to hook back up and now my wireless cameras have no playback option, and they have SD cards in them. I was always able to push the playback button so I could view something that happened recently. How can I fix this?

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What type of camera do you have, V3, OG or battery powered camera?

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They are the wireless ones, where can i find out which ones i have? I have 5 that are wireless and 3 that have a cord


The battery power cameras never had playback from the SD card unless you were doing scheduled event recording.
The play back from the 3 that have a cord (Plugged into power) all have different ways to playback.

Battery powered cam- No playback::::::::::

V3 camera playback::::::::::::

V3 Pro playback::::::::::::;

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Wvod1 it says

I have always been able to play back on these cameras to see what happened previously there was a scroll at the bottom of the screen and you would rewind or fast forward through that to see what happened and I had an incident at my house and I need to view what is on my outside camera and I have no way to see what is on it. When my Wi-Fi went out for 48 hours I had to restart all my cameras so I don’t know if I didn’t restart them correctly but there has to be a way for me to view what is on the SD card every one of them have an SD card in them. And I’ve never had to take the SD card out and put it in a reader to see what was on the camera

Your camera WVOD1 is a Version Once Battery powered WYZE Cam Outdoor and it has never had playback from the bottom of the screen. I have been using the same cameras since 4 November 2020 and they never ever had playback as you described.


Playback from a plugged in powered a V3 camera >>>>

This is the events page on the WYZE app >>

But I see on the picture that you took of yours you have the playback option and you’re telling me I have to take the memory card out in order to see what is on the camera that should be live and I should be able to rewind it I’m confused

I’m trying to find out what I am doing wrong because I have always been able to use my mobile device and view anything on any of the cameras

Im sorry, if it takes me a few to get back to you we have a problem with my truck.

Yes that picture is from a corded plugged into a power outlet V3 (WYZEC3) camera not a Battery powered WVOD1 camera. The Battery powered WVOD1 does not record to the SD card unless you set it for scheduled event recording and it does not show up in playback. Your cameras that are plugged into a power source and the battery Powered cams are totally different cameras and do not have the same functions.

This Picture AGAIN is from a V3 camera (WYZEC3) NOT YOUR WVOD1 You have your cams confused :roll_eyes:

so how was I able to view all events on the cordless ones in the past? What do I need to do to get the event recording started again? I own 8 cameras, and I think I am getting double billed from Wyze and Google Play, but I am worried if I drop some on the Play app, it will mess up my current cameras, I don’t have enough knowledge to even operate a laptop for my college courses, and I need step-by-step instructions to get the wireless ones working again. I have a 72-year-old mom that lives with us, and she has been known to burn things in the kitchen and forget she is cooking, so I must always have a working camera in the kitchen, I can’t be home 24/7 to watch over her, and she has no one else to sit with her all day. She lost her house in a fire, so this is a huge issue, She says it is because she is old, but she is getting early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s hard for her to hear, but she needs to go to the doctor to find out. I appreciate any help you can give me with the cameras. I am in online classes right now but will be done with today’s assignments around 3 p.m.

Number One::: You need to put one the the cameras that has a cord and supplied power adapter plugged into an outlet in the kitchen and has the stove/range in view.
What type of plug in camera is it?
Open the camera to live view and tap settings the gear with the red circle- picture attached
Go down the list to Device info and tap the arrow-picture attached
What Model is the camera? -Picture attached.

Device info

Device Model, what does it say?

This is not correct. I have also been able to play events on my outdoor camera. Now when I get notification of motion and go to view event I keep getting ad to buy cloud storage. Wyze will loose customers if they don’t fix this. The purpose of the SD card was to record short videos when movement was detected and longer videos could be had by buying cloud.

The Battery Powered WYZE Cam Outdoor version 1 or 2 has never recorded to the SD Card in the camera unless the camera was set for Scheduled Event recording. When the cameras first came out there used to be free 12 second event videos but that has been gone for about 2 years. If you want to record 12 second cloud videos get Cam Plus Lite for FREE.
If you want to record to the SD card in the camera do scheduled event recording. Videos are save in the camera Album which you have to access from the app, > download the video to play and when you download it will also be saved in your device photo / video album.