Why is it my v3 and only that camera picks up someone whispering

I would like to know why this camera has picked up whispering on multiple occasions i have probably around 15 videos ranging from 1 minute to 28 minutes of what sounds like someone whispering like a conversation but not like someone far away and the mic picked it up but like someone is whispering i know this is a problem #wyze and i can provide the video evidence please let me know what is going on

Send a video, we can’t help you if we don’t know what your hearing

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This is a user to user forums that has tons of knowledgeable community members willing to assist. With your issue I would make an official contact and send security@wyze.com an email and tell them your situation so they can look into it. Be prepared to send an app log, and whatever evidence you have so that those folks can try and explain this. Thanks!