Why is doorbell not announcing on Alexa?

So strange…I installed two of these. On my house, the Alexa connection works fine. Except it announces “someone is at your front door”, and that is annoying, it could just make the ring sound. The app does let you select which Echo devices you want it to notify. This should change or be a setting. The video is sideways when you ask to Show the Camera. I did set a routine on a button press to also turn on the porch light at night time. This works fine.

But…on my Mom’s house even though everything shows connected, it will not work with Alexa. Both Alexa App and Wyze App show connected. What the heck? This thing is quite buggy.

Has this issue been solved? My main issue is I can’t display the doorbell camera at all it says “Hmm the camera isn’t responding” my V2s and v3s work no problem. I’m pretty bummed tho I tried to setup a routine to show the doorbell cam on fire tv when pressed and it won’t work!

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My doorbell camera doesn’t announce on my echo or echo dot either even though everything appears to be set up properly.
I simply chalk it up to “I got what I paid for”. Cut rate price, Cut rate product.

Has anyone got their doorbell working with Alexa again?

Nothing has changed. Mine is working, but the same exact setup at my Mom’s house will not work with Echo?? So bizarre. But by the way it does not show the camera, just announces and plays the tune selection from the Amazon Alexa app using a routing when button is pressed. If I ask echo to show the front door, it does show the image, sideways!!! Come on wyze put some people on this!

Soooo, I’m not sure what happened on the back end, or if @Frederik got it sorted with Amazon, but my doorbell just started ringing chimes on the Echo’s I have in the house as programmed via routines on the 26th of December (at least that was when I first noticed them working again when friends came over and rang the doorbell)… and as of today the Wyze Color Bulbs I have on the same routines just started working too. Has anyone else experienced this change with the doorbell and their Amazon Echos?

Separate, but kind of related my Google displays won’t cast video feeds from doorbell now, I give up… #facepalm

As an FYI, I changed nothing on my Alexa routines, or in the Wyze app…

I am still having this issue!!! Any fix yet???

I’m having the same issues as listed above. I have 5 V3 cameras that all work as expected within Alexa. Then there’s the doorbell. I can’t pull up a Live View on any of my Alexa devices. Has anyone found a solution? I’ve unlinked & relinked the skill and no change. Any ideas?

I don’t often come to Wyze’s, defense, but @HDRock you make a good point it could easily be Alexa who is the failing member of that equation or any of the other players in that scenario. :upside_down_face: