Why is cam NOT recording people?

Ok, my cam is set up in my front window, overlooking our parking lot. There is a truck parked to my left on the back side of the lot, (farthest from me). Now, thru my window, I just watched 2 people come out of the building door (less that 2 feet from the cam), and walk across the parking lot at an angle going from right to left and get in the truck.

This thing did not record any of it and I have motion detection on. IT DID record the car driving out of the complex as it passed 3 feet in front of this parked truck.

can someone tell me why this is NOT recording people, when I have it set to record MOTIONS?


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You’re running into the 5-minute cool down period associated with cloud recording. If a motion is detected (truck parked and it recorded a 12-sec clip), then all motion in the next 5 minutes are ignored.

Either subscribe to the pay CMC service, or install a micro SD card for local (not cloud) recording. Both will record all motion events.


its got a 32g wyze sd card in it…


The SD card recordings don’t show up under “Events” They show up when you click the “Playback” button which is found while viewing the stream from the individual camera.

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it wasn’t showing anything in playback… but I got the problem fixed.

What was the solution to why it wasn’t recording?