What’s with this? Don’t get it

I’m a new user just setup my camera in my front window . Ups made a delivery: Saturday, June 17 ,2:31 PM
Package delivered near the front door or porch in a big ass brown truck straight in front of camera; yet, no recording, of truck, or delivery person walking to front door in view of camera. However, there is a motion recording at 2:29 and 2:35 pm. Any idea on how to fix this? I have all tik marks enabled for triggering events.
Thanks for any input.

Without subscription there is a 5 minute “cool-down” wait between cloud recorded events.

Pay for subscription and it works as most would expect.

Thank you, will resubscribe to get the needed feature.
Is this wait time between recordings part of recording to sd cards as well?

SD will always record but without subscription the cloud kind of is useless

Same thing happens with using SD card installed. Not capturing events with delivery person walking right up to the camera. There is a wait time that misses capturing the person. Not sure if the trial cloud subscription is interfering or not. I installed the SD card, but maybe by default my trial subscription is preventing SD mode of capture. Don’t know. Right now leaning toward returning the camera. Seems to be good for only live streaming, not security in my case.

There are many variables in the configuration such as sensitivity, detection area, etc… If settings are not right you miss events. Try setting SD to continuously record.

When Wyze first started they leaned away from calling them “Security Cameras” and they kind of leaned back to saying they are now… THEY ARE FAR FROM A TRUE SECURITY CAMERA… They are just a hobbyist’s Toy in my opinion.

I have commercial “security cameras” on my property too, they work FAR better than Whyze Cams but cost FAR more $$$$

I use Whyze Cams as supplementary cameras because they are $ Cheap and as the saying goes “You get what you pay for” absolutely applies to Wyze and all their products.

If your looking for a Real Security Camera, Whyze will always disappoint.

Are you looking at the playback for the SD card or events? They are in different places for the camera.

I’ve looked in both areas. I’m thinking this camera is only good for me for live streaming. I just can’t believe the programmers can’t write software that will capture events in multiple threads. I think the wait time of five minutes is mostly for storage organization for their servers.