Why does the Wyze Bulb require location services to be on?

My cameras don’t require location services, but the bulb will not proceed without it turned on.


It isn’t anyone’s business where my bulbs are (or where I am when I configure it). Is it really necessary to “improve pairing”?

I do not recall it asking me to turn on location services when I set them up

Me either - and checking my iPhone privacy/location-services settings, the WyzeBeta app has not even asked for that permission – unlike 81 other apps/services on my phone.

My location is off And in the app permissions Location is off also

Android did as I’d had denied it previously.

I should’ve mentioned that I’m running on Android. I typically leave it off, but the Wyze app required it to proceed with the Bulb setup (not the Camera)

This is for Android, turns out some version lumps request permission for network and location. Can you share what version are using? @WyzeRoy


Android 9 on a Samsung Galaxy S10 5g

Are you sure it is the Wyze app that asked for that permission? I didn’t get such a permission until I was setting up the bulbs in google home app on my tablet. it asked for location…probably only because i had not previously setup googlehome on that device, not specifically because i was setting up bulbs.

Yes – definitely was the Wyze app.

can you show a screentshot of your Wyze app’s permissions screen?

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If it is needing location legitimately, I would venture it’s to insure you are connecting the correct bulb to the correct network. When you connect the camera, you are scanning a QR code: clearly it’s the right camera because you are proving you are in front of it. When you connect a Sense, your location is known to be at that contact or motion sensor because you pressed the button with the pin and you selected which Bridge to connect to. The bulb has no button, does not connect to the Bridge, and cannot scan a code. So some method of authentication is required, thus high-accuracy location service. Speculation, of course.

This is required to set lights to sunset-sunrise. Which makes sense, as it is sunrise (here) and dark
ie - early am on the west coast (like 0200).
That function would never light appropriately without knowimg where the bulb is located