Cameras asking for location

First off I am new to the forum thing. I can usually find my answers online. So if I screw up just let me know. My phone is a Galaxy S9 v9. Both the V2 and the Pan tilt are asking for location services. I was trying to reconnect to different cameras because they were giving me problems and started asking for my location even with the permissions on the phone and on the app turned off. I prefer nobody know where the cameras are located because of security reason. I have VPN on my phone and also hooking up VPN on my router. I am not a tech guy so don’t get too technical please. .Its hard enough to figure out how to hook VPN on the router. I was told that with VPN on router and browser that my video access would be encrypted. Is this true. Thank you. Have great day

I believe that when an app asks for location, it’s asking for the location of the device where the app is being installed. It’s not he location of the device/computer you’re connecting to.

The app is already installed and I have four other cameras already. The app is part of wyze so why would either the camera or app need my location. It should only need a wifi connection. Thank you

I’m on iOS, so I can’t speak to Android, but I don’t know why it would need to ask either. I don’t remember the app ever asking me, and location services for the Wyze app is switched off in my settings. So mine doesn’t ask, and isn’t affected by location services being switched off. Can you show us a screen shot?

I just checked my Wyze app on Android and the permissions it has are Location, Storage and Microphone, also when I check in the Play Store it does say that the Wyze app may ask for Location. I am not sure what the need is, but it does ask.

I wonder what all is comprised in location services in Android vs IOS? Since iOS does not require location services and Android appears to what’s different?

So i just unistalled the app and reinstalled, at install it asks for storage, when you try to transmit audio it asks for mic permissions. It has yet to ask for location. I will update this when or if it does


Maybe because iOS automatically gives the app access to the phone’s location? Or the app can work without it? Dunno, my iPad isn’t with me now.

I can only guess why Android asks, it’s possible it’s selecting the closest WYZE server to connect to. But it should be optional.

I just turned off “Location” permission on my Android phone. App is still working fine.

I checked mine and under permissions it is the same as yours. Mic, Storage, and Location.

After you reinstalled the app is location still turned on in the app permissions?

No just storage and mic, I have yet to have it ask for location and it is not listed yet

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I’m going to turn mine off then if it acts up I will turn it back on. I just updated the app to the new version.

I turn off location on the app and phone and it said better binding, please turn on location on my phone( not the app). Something to the extent. I will try and get a screen shot. Tomorrow.

I deleted and reinstalled the iOS app. It did ask for location access on first run. However it accepted me saying no. I’ll update if there are any ill effects.

Location is off on my android device. Does not matter if I turn it on or off, the app works the same.

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I turned off everything except Storage as soon as I had the first camera working on the Android app. No reason for it to access my phone’s location, camera, contacts, microphone, or phone.

It asked to access your contacts and camera?

If you never plan on using the two-way voice, then sure it doesn’t need microphone.

It’s never asked for camera, contacts or phone permissions, and they’re not currently enabled.

Same here.

I don’t recall what was actively requested, but that is the list of requested permissions in the settings.

This is what I get when trying to add another camera. That is with location on app and phone turn off. Also tried it with my VPN turn off. My concern is someone knowing where I am located and just if someone hacks me and sees something they like in my home they know where I am at. I know VPN is suppose to encrypted data, but that doesnt mean they can’t hack. Yes, a little paranoid, but isn’t that why we all have cameras. There are to many out that want to make other people miserable.
Why hasn’t WYZE chimed in on this.
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