Why does Sense suck?

It seems so simple. Why can’t it just work? From day 1 of getting it I’ve had nothing but trouble. Had to get replacement in order to even get it to work. But first had to downgrade camera firmware to get bridge to pair with sensors. Finally working, but wait, they all show offline, restart camera, working again, but wait, stop getting notifications from them, restart camera, repeat daily. For the brief period of time it does work it’s exactly what I need. I just NEED it to work more often.
And yes, I have gone through all the troubleshooting guides and forum, and yes I have contacted support, that is how I got replacement, told them it still wasn’t working and have not heard back. I get that these products are inexpensive but please get a better support system in place so support tickets don’t blackhole.

You know they just killed the whole line and are about to replace it?