Why does recording not start in events with battery cam pro

Wyze app, Samsung TabA9+, One UI, version 6.0 Android 14

When I go to events and try to open the event I get a pop up when attempting to start the event recording. The pop-up says -error code 9… video player error. Our old tablets do not have this issue.

The issue is with the the battery cam pro cameras. All the other cameras - not a problem whether it is old tablets or our old phones. Is this a system problem with Amazon? Or is it just Wyze and some glitch that may or may not get fixed. Or our tablets, if so beware of this issue with Samsung.

A side note - don’t you get tired of working with issues with these cameras. Worse than a kid. Phone support is not helpful. The number for support is 1 206 339 9646.