Why does my stuff keep going offline

Used to be both cam and motion sensor, and it happened when I turned the cam off and then tried to turn it back on again–it would often make me power cycle to get it up and running and I’d also have to disconnect the MS and then install it all over again. Now, instead of turning the camera off, I just turn it towards a wall so it can’t see anything and cut the volume. That works fine to keep the camera up and running, but the MS is still going out at random.

What gives?


Need more info to try and guess what the issue is. What Wyze cam are you using? Sounds like just one pancam? The motion sensor connects to the bridge, what camera is that hooked into? More info will help “paint the picture”.

Also you are talking about cameras going offline, but the group here needs to know what kind of wifi or network setup you have as no info has been provided yet. In addition to that, any information about the physical space your setup is in. Wood frame home? Metal shed? Only info we have so far is that the camera is near a wall. Thanks in advance any further info that is provided!