Why does my recording freeze after a couple seconds?!

Recordings freeze after a second or two. How am I supposed to find a thief if my footage stops working??

Cloud saved recordings or SD card recordings? Are you recording events only to the cam SD card or are you recording continuous?

Recording to Sd card

I hope you are recording continuously…

Maybe it’s your SD card ? Are you using a good quality card? If you recording continuous instead of event you should see a solid green line in playback either on the bottom or the side depending on your firmware version. Have you tried to see if the card will playback correctly on another device, like a PC?

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I am

I’m recording continuously on a Wyze card.


After years of experience with these cams, I recommend only using “high endurance” microSD cards, AND, only recording continuously. With the HE cards, they can handle the continuous recording for years. Wyze does not sell any HE cards headscratch

Throw in CAM Plus too to get the best results.

BONUS reply- to get the best answer to yur Q, do a “screen recorder” of yer experience. It might help to illustrate if yir issue is with WiFi, the microSD card, the phone, etcetera.