Why does my Outdoor cam stop recording?

I have CamPlus, and a 1st gen Outdoor cam. I have event recording settings Recording Cooldown = NO COOLDOWN and Max. Video Length = 5 MINUTES.

I have a vehicle pull into my driveway, and an event is triggered and, as the car stops, the side door opens at 6 seconds in, and then recording shuts off at 7 seconds. So I don’t get to see who got out of the car.

What, exactly, is stopping that video from continuing to be recorded? Why is it stopping @ 7 seconds when there continues to be motion?

What’s your sensitivity and distance? It stops when it thinks motion has stopped. Try maxing out the sensitivity and distance and see if that changes anything

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Both are already maxed out.

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I would remove the cam plus from the camera, clear the app cache, close the app , open app and put the cam plus back on the camera. Maybe even power cycle the camera if it is reachable. I have the Version 1 WCO, they are all on Cam Plus Lite and they record all events for the full 12 seconds whether any motion continues or not.

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