Why does IFTTT trigger message not repeat notification on iPhone

I have one camera set up indoors to detect my old wired burglar alarm sound. I created an IFTTT applet to send me a text message when the cam detects sound. See the post below:

While the IFTTT applet does send a text message (from 415 area, San Fran) that the Burglar Alarm cam detected sound, there are two oddities.

When I trigger the burglar alarm cam by yelling at it so it detects sound, I get an immediate Wyze notification - the usual one. But I don’t get an immediate text message per the IFTTT applet. In fact, it doesn’t provide a notification signal until I open the phone. That’s just weird. At first, I thought it was just because I didn’t wait long enough. But it’s happened several times. It’s almost as though I need to do something on the phone for the text message to arrive. That’s strange.

Also, the text message notification does not repeat as with all other text messages, both i-messages and SMS messages. I have my iPhone set to repeat the notification three times at two minute intervals.

Any ideas?

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I am using IFTTT to send me push notifications when specific plugs turn on. I went the IFTTT route because Alexa push notifications were far less than reliable. I have experienced the exact same lack of notifications from IFTTT on my Android phone. Very unreliable. I am currently investigating if it is my phone (Moto) or carrier (Mint), but your post indicates it may be IFTTT.

Not sure about the repeat. This may be an iOS feature I do not have… Such as Priority messages.

Is the applet set for Sound Detected or are you using one of the Alarm detected options?

The applet is set for Sound Detected. I don’t get a message for motion detected except from Wyze.

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Yelling at the cam should then also produce the IFTTT trigger.

I am becoming less impressed with IFTTT.

Sorry folks, but perhaps this is a “nevermind.”
I tested again this afternoon in a more real-like situation. I was out running errands and had set the house alarm and turned the alarm-cam on before leaving. When I returned, I intentionally triggered the house alarm and immediately received a Wyze notification because the alarm-cam detected sound. A second or two later I also received an IFTTT message that the alarm-cam detected sound. Good so far. Then surprisingly, at two minute intervals, I received repeat notifications of the text message. So that’s exactly how I expected this to work. I don’t know if it makes a difference, but my phone was dormant/closed at the time of these notifications. In other words, I had not opened the phone when the notifications came. I will continue to monitor.

PS- I have a suspicion that if your phone is open (i.e., you’re doing something else on the phone), you don’t get repeat text notifications. I suppose that makes sense since, if you are looking at your phone, then you will see the first message notification and there is no reason for the phone to keep repeating that notification. In fact, it would be annoying to have repeat notifications if you’re trying to do something, like reply to an email, for instance.

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