Any way to get Text msg when camera alarms?

Greetings! I’m a bit of a cheap skate or some would call us frugal.
I have a TracFone which is a pay as you go phone.
This means we typically turn off data usage unless we’re actively using the phone for
internet, gmail, weather etc.
A push notification from the Wyze app won’t work unless my phone data is turned on, or I’m on a wifi network.
Is there any way- possibly using a 3rd party app- to get an automatic text on my phone when
the camera motion alarm is triggered??
Thanks loads! And happy new year too!
Dan in KY.

IFTTT can send text message, but there is a monthly limit on how many it will send.

My son mentioned ITTT but I’m a bit clueless how I would trigger it?
How would I set the Wyze app to “talk” to the ITTT app?

Here’s some basic IFTTT instruction:

You will have to create an applet that uses IFTTT’s Wyze Motion Detected trigger and IFTTT’s SMS action. Do a quick search on the IFTTT site on how to create an applet. It’s easy.

There is a limit of 100 SMS messages per month on IFTTT’s SMS service. When reaching that limit, the SMS’s will just stop.

There is a paid service called ClickSend (Pricing to Send Bulk SMS and More Within The United States - ClickSend United States) that charges about a penny per outbound SMS. It has an IFTTT service that you could use instead of the built-in IFTTT SMS service to remove the 100/mo limit.

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Awesome! I will take a bit to digest this and give it a try. Thanks very much!
As my daddy used to say- I’m much obliged!
Dan in KY


Thanks again Rick. Got it working this morning. Have a great day and New Year.
Dan in KY

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Dan, Did you end up using IFTTT’s native SMS feature, or did you use ClickSend?

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I used the SMS feature in IFTTT. I hope I never need to worry about breaking the 100 txt per month limit.
As I said we have pay as you go cell phones so text are not unlimited either. OTOH we spend about $100-125 per year for our phone service and that includes the phones.

We have an older home security system which I installed myself. It is not monitored but it does have a
120 Db outside speaker that sounds like the dive alarm in a WWII movie. I live in a semi rural area and my neighbors look out for each other. My only issue is I have a motion sensor in my family room that occasionally false alarms. Can’t figure why. Replaced it once and same thing. I’m hoping to use the Wyze camera to fill that gap because I’m going to take the old motion sensor out of the system.
Dan in KY

OK, so I got this working and its AWESOME, I get texts on each alarm BUT I can’t seem to turn it OFF, there is a “switch” in IFTT that says “Connect” and “Disconnect” so I figured THAT was what would STOP texts but I still get texts regardless if connected or not, any ideas? If I am disconnected and still getting texts am I burning up my 100 text limit?

This IFTTT is of little to no use, it can NOT be switched off, I burnt all my texts today while I was HOME, only way to disable texts is turn off notifications on each camera through Wyse Cam or much easier unplug each camera. Then you have to switch all this back or plug in cameras when you leave home again. Its a cool toy for a day and that is about its limits. If I had all my cameras on a light switch, power them off when I’m home and on when I leave this would be an OK solution.