Wyze motion sensor rule question

I have several rules configured along with a couple of ifttt rules. but what i cannot seem to figure out is this:
All of the rules that apply to motion, your only choices to choose are cams, not the sensor. the contact sensors you are able to choice which one. this applies to the phone app, and ifftt website and app.

what im trying to do is when a motion sensor is triggered, it will send me a txt msg (where i changed the sound to an alarm sound on phone), presently i have it turn on a cam and turn on a wyze plug where i have a lamp and radio plugged in. this works fine when im home, but need a timely response as the notifications from wyze are sub par.

am i missing something in the add a rule option?

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Not that I am aware of. I don’t know of any way for it to send you a text alert at this point. But you might get some more advice.@mavens


Well, this part isn’t accurate. If you select, for example, a Device Trigger rule, then select for the Device Trigger a PIR motion sensor from the list, you can choose “Detects motion.”

In IFTTT, you can select “Motion Sensor detects motion” and choose any you have in the app.

Now, sure, there’s no way to send a text from the Wyze app. You CAN do this with IFTTT, but you have to sign up for their “Platform” service, and even then, you’re limited to 100 SMS/month. So, that’s just not realistic for most people. I get more than 100 events in a week, much less a month.

Now, there are other options using other automation services. For example, Tasker can intercept notifications (with AutoNotification plug in), and do just about anything… Or you can have IFTTT send a Webhook to certain apps on your phone.


Here is some good information for using IFTTT. Check it out!


You could try making an Alexa routine that sends a notification to the Alexa app on your phone when motion is detected.

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I have an Alexa routine send a notification to my phone when motion is detected on my front porch so that I know that my dog is coming back home. And it says “Maizy wants in”