Text Message or Email When Motion is Not Detected

Hello, I have installed a Wyze motion sensor and would like to receive a text and/or email alert if the sensor does not sense motion for a period of time.

It looks like the Wyze app allows notifications if motion clears for a period of time, but that triggers a Wyze notification on the phone and not an email or a text message. I looked at IFTTT which seems to allow an email message linked to Wyze but I couldn’t find where it had an option based on motion cleared for a period of time (it does have an option for motion cleared, just not for a period of time such as 9 hours).

Hopefully this makes sense and someone might have some ideas for how I can do this (and/or might post a picture of how it would look in IFTTT for such a setup).


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If you do a search you might find your answer I know there are other people who have wanted this option of text or email alerts. But their wants might be different than yours.

Thanks. I have searched both this forum and externally without finding an answer.

To clarify, I’m primarily looking for help with using IFTTT (or natively in the Wyze app) to notify me via email when motion is not detected for a period of time. It seems like Wyze can natively identify when motion is cleared for a period of time, but can’t send an email or text. And it seems like IFTTT can send an email but can only see if the Wyze Motion Sensor detects or clears motion (without options for period of time).

I might just be out of luck. :frowning:

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Yeah there are a lot of guys that use IFTTT on here. That’s why I was saying use the search and you can search for IFTTT email alert or maybe something like that.
I’m not sure exactly what you would put in the search but I know that there are guys that have used it to do a lot of different things.

Thanks. I appreciate your suggestions and will continue to do some searching.

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This suggestions is on a “ifttt wishlist”, go here and vote and comment if you can think of anything else!