Smoke alarm sound triggers disabling of *all* my IFTTT applets

I decided to do some testing of the smoke alarm feature in wyze cams.
I found a suitable T3 sample sound here Smoke Alarm Smoke Detector Sound 1 Hour - YouTube
it triggered the alarm in the wyze app, at 8:08PM, with a little red icon “Smoke Alarm”.

At 8:08 I receive a tirad of emails from my IFTTT pro account, subject “your applet was turned off”
Applet failed, there was a problem with the trigger.
None of these applets are related to smoke alarms, these applets have been happily working for 2 years , i only started tinkering with smoke alarms today.

I suspect that the Wyze - IFTTT API doesnt cater for smoke alarms, doesnt know how to handle this event, and not many people use it, so the bug hadnt been reported.

i had to re connect Wyze to IFTTT through oauth, and go around the IFTTT jobs i had and re assign the sensors.

could someone share if they use the smoke alarm function alongside IFTTT without issues? thanks

Myself and multiple others have been reporting that all this week there are multiple failures occurring with any/all IFTTT applet recipes involving Wyze services - all the applets begin failing, you have to re-link your Wyze service in IFTTT to get your devices to show up again and reconfigure and turn on your applets, but this only works temporarily before the problem occurs. Just happened again today me today - clearly there is something going on with Wyze IFTTT services, but no one from Wyze has chimed in or commented yet.

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