Repeat Notifications

Would the ability to have notifications repeat be something others would welcome? For an IPhone user, I am thinking of something like the current setting for “message” notifications. There is an option of “repeat” that I can either be turned off or on. Adding something like this to the Wyze notification settings is what would be needed.

I use my wyze camera as a nanny cam and getting one notification doesn’t always wake you up. If you had the option to have them repeat, there would be a better chance of hearing it.

Hello @J_hawxwell if you would like double notifications I would recommend setting up IFTTT so that you can enable to also get notifications from them using applets. I’ll link you to some articles to get you set up and a better understanding how it works.

Links to articles

Using IFTTT With Wyze Cams - YouTube

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Thank you

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No problem :slight_smile: