Why can't Wyze ever be honest with shipping information?

Topic says it all.
As ALWAYS, wyze sends shipping noptices, then never ships any product.
I literally ordered in the 1st hours of water sensors pre-ordering, waited 5 months, get a notice 5 days ago the order has shipped & what is the status?
“your order is in packing”

packing does not equal shipped, cut & pasting a tracking number that isn’t actually shipped, is not shipped.
Why does wyze insist on lying time & time again about shipping???
You’ve literally you have been doing this for YEARS wyze!


Just wondering what story I can expect from @WyzeGwendolyn this time?
hmmm - shipping partners?
lost in transit?
entered wrong tracking by mistake?
oh, we’ll resend it?

So infuriating.
This was the only product I had been willing to try to trust wyze on AGAIN
Washing my hands of wyze, the lies are exhausting & simply your products are NOT worth the aggravation.

crickets wyze