Lying to customers

I pre-ordered a Wyze watch last December 1. It was supposed to ship in February 2021. It didn’t. Last week I received an email that said “Your order has shipped.” But when I look at both the USPS site for the shipping number and my Wyze account page I see that is not true. The USPS has only received an indication of a shipment. It has not received the shipment.

Today the Wyze account page says “your order is in packing”. It shouldn’t take a week to get it out of the warehouse and over to the post office.

So the latest email was a lie. The watch has not shipped. The watch may never ship based upon Wyze’s performance so far. I am more than a bit angry with this type of scam. I am done with Wyze. What was once a standup company providing good value with its products has become disreputable in its attempt to grab money from customers and then not provide the products they were promised.

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Mine shipped and I got it on Saturday.
Patience is a virtue.
You can see a few folks now posting reviews on YouTube as they just got theirs this week as well. Check those out while you wait.

It’s not a scam and will get to you eventually, likely this month. Preorder products tend to get a bit more delayed than initially expected, so to prevent future anxiety I suggest you wait to buy until the product is fully launched.

That’s very fortunate that you actually received yours. It’s not about patience. Either it shipped or it didnt

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“Either it shipped or it didnt” And mine still has not shipped.

Wyze lied both about the original shipping timeframe and in the more recent email from over a week ago that it was shipped, when it still is in the warehouse. This isn’t about “patience” it is about being honest with your customers. Something which Wyze isn’t anymore.


yes. I too got the order shipped email on 3/15 w/USPS tracking number. To date USPS does not have the package. Wyze support cannot even confirm whether the watch actually shipped or not. I understand that there could be shipping delay, especially for gen 1 preorder products. It is really about being honest and transparent with the communication. Why send an email on 3/15 that the product is “shipped” when in fact the product is not shipped and just a shipping label was created on that day? It sets up the wrong expectations with customers. Who knows how long it will take once USPS actually receives the package–but that is USPS issue at that point.

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Worthless advice since he’s already ordered and it has ‘shipped’ why don’t you people just let the man vent


I got an email saying mine supposedly shipped on 3/16/21, but no info in the tracking number. All that’s been created is a label and an email. Really disappointed in wyze so far. My outdoor wireless cameras work about 15% of the time. Let’s hope someday when the watches arrive that they actually work. Don’t p!ss on my leg and tell me to be patient

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These forums are for assistance, not for bashing a company that is doing a pretty good job at providing BUDGET equipment that performs quite well when compared with higher priced options.

If you feel abused or want to vent just move on and go pay a higher price for a more reliable company.

Cancel the order and get your money back. There is no contribution on your comment.

Good thing there are other options out there that might work better for you. Enjoy!


If you don’t approve scroll on

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Welcome to the pandemic. There is a chip & labor shortage. Not a lying situation. Wait a minute, and report back later.

I agree that it is frustrating. I get an email from WYZE saying it HAS SHIPPED. But actually mine has had a label printed for 8 days now and no movement. Don’t email me saying and Their Words “Good News - Your Order xxxxx is on it’s way” when it’s really not on it’s way and it is still sitting at WYZE.

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Just curious. At what point do I contact WYZE. It ‘shipped’ in their words, a label was created, but that’s it. It’s been almost 10 days now. I know others have the same issue, but clearly there is a problem actually handing them to USPS.

My order finally shipped yesterday. lable was created on 3/15, order actually shipped on 3/24. Delivery is expected on 3/29. So, yours should ship soon. Thanks.

It took a minute for mine to arrive from the time it said it shipped until it arrived. You’re getting a fairly nice watch for 20 bucks. Slow your roll and be patient.

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Every mistake or misunderstanding isn’t a “lie.” Can you think of a single reason that Wyze would lie about that? Buh bye.

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Neither absolving or bashing Wyze, but packages that I dropped of at the local post office 4+ days ago are still not scanned in. When a package does not budge for a week, there is often value in giving a gentle nudge to USPS. Not sure if other carriers perform similar searches.

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I think you need to chill out. That is standard for any shipping product, label then shipped few days later.

Received mine today and it won’t turn on, so I hope you have better luck that yours actually works when you get it!

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Reread, pal. I was mocking the dude who blamed Wyze, not the company.