Pre-Order Illusion -Suggestion for Marketing Strategies

This is going to sound strange, but I wish for the Wyze team to stop pre-orders without stopping the illusion of pre-orders. I ordered the Wyze Watch, thinking I’d get it in January, then February, then April or most likely sometime in 2021. I understand that things come up–but that’s a problem as it makes me trust Wyze a little less every time this happens.

So I am asking for you to lie to us. When you get the first shipment in, which you are sure you will sell out of, then announce the product with pre-orders. You can ship them a week later, but you won’t have delays because you already have the product. This would delay your releases by the tiniest margin, but would insure your continued integrity. This is the one case where lying to your customers would benefit them.

If you run out, which you know you will, and delays happen, that is a lot easier to understand than a product that you keep finding flaws in and keep trying to fix at the last moment because you already sold a bunch of them and people have been waiting months. I understand how you feel that you are doing the best thing by extensive and rigorous quality checking, and I’m not suggesting you change that.

I’m just suggesting that both your customers and your reputation are damaged when you setup pre-orders for items you haven’t received. We don’t know that you haven’t received them or not. So if you start selling pre-order items that you actually have (in order to get ahead of the demand curve), it benefits everyone. Happier customers feel better about you and are more likely to pre-order the next thing (so long as you secretly have it in stock and can actually make good on your pre-order shipment dates).

Like right now, having had to wait for much longer than I was told originally for 4 different products now, I can’t in my right mind pre-order anything with any expectation that you can actually deliver. I don’t trust you. And it’s a shame because I love your products. This could easily be resolved by just delaying the product announcements until you have them in your hands. THEN sell them as pre-orders while waiting or your second shipment.

And before you start with the “we make such a small profit off of each device to give you the savings so we need the money to pay for the initial run”, that’s not acceptable. Part of what is going to keep Wyze in business is making enough profit with all of these products to launch a new product without needing to pre-order items. We want you to succeed and we want you to be around. If you aren’t making enough profit to pre-finance your next project, DON’T DO IT and reconsider your business model for OUR SAKE. It would suck if your low-price model caused you to go out of business. Make enough profit to handle be able to afford your next venture or wait before releasing the new WYZE Digital HandWashing, Tooth-Brushing, [Mod Edit] -Wiping Automated Butler , Chef, and Baby Sitter all-in-one. Pre orders starting soon. Get your handy Wyze Robot by 2030.

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