Whose Wzye Cam's are Out in the Cold? The weather Outside is frightful!

Yes, please post your results with that temperature. I’m rather curious if you see any issues, or not. :slight_smile:

Yeah, mine just changed ‘or’ to the wh word. What really gets me is when mine decides to change a word when my finger is in motion to press send.

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The camera itself provides a small amount of heat which defrosts the front windscreen of the auto in a small round circle type shape, higher in the center because the heat rises up the windscreen, and the windscreen is slanted above the camera. But, if it gets too cold it will not defrost everything, only a very small amount of fog or dew, no snow, or ice would be my guess. Of course there is almost never ice here, and never any snow because it is sub-tropic, so I doubt I’ll get to test that theory an further.




have 2 in upper Midwest tucked under soffit.
been -5F a couple of nights and with windchils, expected to be -35F this week.
So far both are doing very well.
little shaky at 30+ mph winds but that is expected for where they are mounted.

I have one on my boat to view temps in cockpit and bilge. So far we have been down to 5 degrees f. Great having the ability to gauge the lift height and the temps on board visually from home.

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-21 Today Working GREAT !!!

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As the Simpson’s Mr. Burns would say,
“Exxxxxxxx-cellent” ! :wink:

I haven’t had any problem with my outdoor camera Concerning Weather, It’s Under the eaves, No other type of enclosure on it, It’s just stuck too the top of Porch light 15 °F below zero 45 mile an hour winds , Blowing snow

So ur Wyze Cam is without a outdoor housing.
That’s the equivalent of doing, “the Polar bear Plunge”.


Now we have -
Bear (Bare)
Jacketed (with housing)

Great Research Data, “Wyze” People!

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Maybe we should have a coats for cams campaign :rofl:

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I’m looking for outdoor covers that won’t have a fog during the night vision. Do you have any problem with night time fog (from the IR light reflection) with these? I tried another type, but still had slight fogging around the edges.

Can’t say I have that problem, no…

Thanks, I’ll order one of this model and see how it goes! Are you still happy with the case?

We don’t get much in the way of fog here!

But, I have yet to install my outdoor, “Black Beauty cam”.

My delay is Due to a sensitive circuit breaker switch. It will be my 1st real electrical outdoor security light (blown ballast) replacement. & retro fit.To install cam friendly power outlets.

If fog does become an issue for me too, I’ll be checking back to see what does work!

Gud luck!

FYI, the fog I’m referring to is actually in the video itself. It’s caused by a reflection of the IR off of the case. So I may see the center of a video, but the edges will be blurry. So I’m looking for a case that doesn’t cause a reflection and the fog.

Oh, ok?

The optics of fog!

I have several cases, but have yet to put any to full time use yet.time

Hopefully this won’t be an issue.

I’ll be anxious to hear about your experience!

Yes, I am (sorry for the late reply, I do not check these forums often). I got 3 more cams and cases last week so now I have 6 outdoor cameras, covering every corner of the house, and then some.

These cases are absolutely great, All 3 cameras I had up til I got the new ones survived fall, winter and spring.

However, I have to say, I am more concerned with moist air than temperature, you know, late fall when the entire air is just a watery mist…

Thanks Lerxst! I’ll get a couple of these and compare to the other I have. I need to add a few more outside. We have extreme humidity right now, so I understand the moisture concern. I have a ziplock ziptied around my plugs, where cam plugs into the extension cord. (My hubby kept stealing the cord and forgetting to plug it back in.) I’m having an occasional issue with it, but I see condensation in there which might be the problem. But I digress…thanks again for the recommendation!

So now that you’ve all gone through 1 winter and summer with your devices, did they last the harshness of temperatures?

We just got one (Wyze Cam V2) to monitor our son’s night time seizures and love it. We’re now pondering getting one to put on the ceiling of our covered front patio (fully exposed to the elements but covered) to keep an eye on the cars and driveway.

Did you all put a cover over yours, or just leave it exposed?
Did you experience much condensation?
Did they last the winter? Summer?

I figure for $50 on Amazon, if it craps out in the extreme months of Jan-March, I’ll get a new one and cover it or maybe put it in a window.

Thanks for any advice