Outdoors, below zero

Camera is mounted outside, in protective 3rd party case.

It’s surviving a serious therm test with flying colors!! -22°F


What 3rd party case ?

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Silicone, for the swivel cam. Found it on Amazon.


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Nice !

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Hi there,

Did your camera survived a full winter outdoors with that temperature conditions? I live in Alberta and have been thinking about buying an extra camera for outdoors, but have been hesitant due to weather conditions.

Winter, yes, but Summer heat and humidity, no… 2 of my 3 are not working. Whether it is the power cable or camera I have yet to determine. I’m going to wait for the outdoor model to release before buying another.
Update…swivel will not power up. Wyze cam is fine once I take out the SD card. I’ve been looking to see if anyone else is having problems with SD card failure.

Thanks for the feedback!