Cold weather acid test

I’ve had a wyze cam outside on my front porch for 6 months. It’s protected from rain but that’s it. During the recent cold snap (3 days at -30F) it performed as new.

-30 without a wind chill?

You might be the current leader in the, “Wyse Cams left outside in the cold posts” ! :wink:

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Someone should keep up with that!

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We hit -15 during the cold snap, camera was fine. 5 inches of snow fell today as a parting gift from the cold, with it being 2 degrees when I work up. Cam sits outside on a window sill, protected only by a large porch roof- with wind from both sides. Works like the day I first plugged it in.

With wind chill -50

-30 was the air temp. Only living things feel the effects of windchill. For machines, it just gets a warm machine down to ambient temps quicker.

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So we hit -44 degrees celsius on Monday night/morning…checked all four of my cameras…working beautiful…still got motion when the deer were moving through the yard! Very impressed considering they were not recommended for outdoor use…yes they have the black bird house covers on them.