White screen after a few hours

I have the camera in my garage and it works fine for a few hours and then the live stream feed goes completely white. Can’t view anything, can’t see anything if it senses movement. I’ve tried clearing the cache on the app, rebooting the camera, powering off and then back on. Nothing works. The only way I can get it back to normal viewing mode is by unplugging the power cable for several seconds and then plugging it back in. I don’t have an SD card installed yet to see if that’s what the issue is (they are on order). I have a 2nd camera I can hook up to see if it does the same thing.


Any suggestion on what the issue might be and what I can do to prevent it from happening?

I am having the same problem. I have an SD card installed and makes no difference. I also have to unplug and wait and then it will restart.

I got my other camera hooked up as well and it does not have this problem. All the settings are the same.

Do you notice any difference in the temperature to the touch after a couple hours between the cams?

Not that I’m aware of. Can’t check them until tonight.

Not for mine. It feels normal temperature as I pick it up to reset it.

Have 6 v2 cameras, One has this problem. All have same settings, latest firmware ( Works fine for a few hours, then white screen. Have SD card makes no difference. Unfortunately restarting the camera from the app doesn’t fix it. Have to unplug.


It would be best if you could submit a support ticket from within the app just after this happens so that Wyze can examine the camera/app logs to try to determine what’s going on and if the camera needs to be replaced.

I did a ticket yesterday, but they said it could take 2-5 days before they’re able to respond. I added an SD card last night and the camera worked fine for about 5 hours before the dreaded white screen came back. Had to unplug it from the power cable this morning to get it working again.

I’m also seeing this issue with my newly purchased cam, it’s between 3-5 hours before it goes white, doesn’t matter the time of day/temperature, with or with out an SD card.

I can try to reboot the cam from the app and hear the cam rebooting, when it comes back, still a white screen. Only thing that fixes it is an unplug from the wall and then back in.

I will get notifications when this happens away from home, saying motion has been detected, and when reviewing it’s just the feed flashing over to white suddenly.

Opened up a support ticket, but nothing yet on it, hoping for a quick fix as I really don’t want to return this and look at another option.

I finally heard back from Wyze tech support. They are doing a free replacement.

I have the same problem on one of my two new cameras. I submitted a ticket two days ago. I tried downgrading the firmware and it still does the same thing. This is really annoying. I am beginning to regret the fact that I ordered several additional cameras. Hoping Wyze tech support gets back to me.

Same problem. After 6 cycles of white screen then replug, I have returned this unit for replacement (via Amazon). Seems to be an issue that a 12 hour pre-shipment burn-in might identify until the problem is isolated. (Easier said than done, I suppose).

i have been getting a white screen also, but I found that the camera works inside the room fine. Researched and found it’s called white washing, but it’s only one camera that is in a window. We have three others in windows and they work fine. Any one find a fix to this issue?