Which Wyze product would you recommend?

If a friend asked you to recommend one Wyze product, which would you choose?

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The fixed-view V3 camera is their flagship IMO. :slight_smile:


It’s hard to pick, but honestly, I really like the Wyze bulbs. The sun matching feature is nice, and it works well with Alexa.

The v3 is a really nice camera, as well, especially paired with the lamp socket.


If you like to remain friends, skip Wyze and goto a Company that’s been at it for some time. Lack of Support and Products that have not been vented is some of Wyze issues.

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I argue that point elsewhere within this forum(s). (No idea why they refer to this communication platform in the plural sense. Isn’t the whole thing, all topics included, a single forum?)

My question here is intended to discover what, if any, Wyze products the “old timers” or anyone here consider Wyze’s best and might recommend. I’m not actually in the business of recommending Wyze to anyone. I just want to know what others consider redeeming about Wyze.

For instance, it’s interesting to me to learn that Wyze bulbs have a match-to-daylight feature which led to me look for and find a similar function available for the gazillion Philips Hue bulbs I already own.

Maybe just as telling is that very few forum members have voiced any preferences for Wyze products that they would recommend.

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That’s because it’s an argument bait topic question. Just like the response from @cohibajoe above and your response back. Both predictable from the question.

For every positive recommendation you get for a hardware product, you will get an equally passionate negative response about their software issues.

A simple search and read on the hardware items you are considering will let you make an informed decision about the balance between their stability and innovation without soliciting opinions.

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So you think it’s a conversation not worth having?

A product search on Wyze’s own website offers selective info about its products. And this forum is dominated by mods and mavens who give predictably defensive responses.

The dialectic between pros and cons can be more informative than hearing disjointed comments from one side or the other about technical complaints.

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Then I can Recommend 1 Product…Wyze Plug. Using 6 for Wyze indoor Cam’s so when a Firmware upgrade goes south (which has from not rebooting cleanly), I then power On/Off the device to have the Cam back on-line.

Is that the inside plug or the outdoor plug?

I am still debating if it’s a self-fulfilling sobriquet or a post-facto result in the content produced.

Ooh. I so want to understand what you are referring to. Would you be so generous as to break it down for me?

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Thank you for spotlighting my point.

Lol. Yours or mine?

Inside plug and the Outside plug never worked when Scheduling times so I donated to Goodwill and purchased the Ring Outdoor plug (it works) …The last Firmware update for the 2 Cam Pan’s and 1 Cam V2 failed to reboot after the Update.

So despite the threads I’ve seen about instability problems with the indoor plug, your experience has been worthwhile? Your input is making me reconsider the impression I got from reading those threads.

Conversely, I bought several outdoor plugs and have noticed no instability at all, including using one to schedule the operation of my outdoor patio lights. The outdoor plugs appear to be performing flawlessly. Although I haven’t used a scheduling rule for the plugs that control any of my cams.

I am using these only as ON/Off Plugs with Wyze devices. No timers or scheduling settings, the Outdoor plug was a POS with the Timers or Scheduling turned on.

Since I’m not experiencing the same issues with the outdoor plugs as you are, you clearly must’ve been doing something wrong. (Spoken with my best customer service rep voice impression for comedic effect.)

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I must say, I have seen my share of absolutely classless posts in the forums, but you have reached a new level of no class in a very short period of time.

The least you could have done is to have the stones to tag the Mavens directly in your post if you are going to bash them to another user.

Contrary to the recent devolvement of this forum, this still isn’t Facegram or Instatwit. Develop some decorum. If you want to post childish things like that, do it there.

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I’m against classism.

And again, you have fully illustrated my point.

The 8 Mavens have more experience and knowledge with the Wyze ecosystem than you will ever be able to achieve or hope for in 100 lifetimes. Good luck getting any help now. U b blocked.

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