Which microcontroller family does Wyze use

Anybody know which microcontroller family Wyze uses in their cameras?

Most of the earlier cameras (V3, V3Pro, Pan V1/V2) were using RISC-V with Linux.
Some of the newer cams (ie: OG) are using ARM with FreeRTOS.

I can’t confidently say which one the Pan V3 uses, but I believe it is still RISC-V with Linux. If the Pan V3 had been using FreeRTOS, then they probably would’ve mentioned it since it launched before the OG cam did and the subject wasn’t brought up until the OG launch, thus the Pan V3 must also be on RISC-V with Linux like all its predecessors.

Thanks, @carverofchoice. I assume C (or maybe C++) and assembler?

I’d be interested in knowing which Linux distro. Seems rather heavyweight for small devices like these, but my limited Linux experience is in desktop apps, not embedded. I do have some experience with FreeRTOS and more with other lightweight RTOSs like uC/OS-II.

Yes. Their job postings request extensive experience in C/C++.

I do not know that.

Here is a job posting for Principal Embedded Firmware Engineer: