Need firmware for Wyze CamPan with rtsp

I can’t get the right firmware for rtsp support. The one I thought was the correct one was just regular firmware. I need a link please. Thank you for your help

You tagged this message with cam-pan-v3. There is no RTSP firmware for the Cam Pan V3 camera.
If you are looking for a different camera, let us know which one. Only a few of them have RTSP firmware written - and Wyze has withdrawn it (but there are sources).

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Thank you. Well this sucks lol

Fixed it for ya’ :rofl:

I believe most people use one of the following to get RTSP feeds from their cameras:

  • Docker Wyze Bridge
  • Tiny Cam Pro
  • “Wyze Hacks” SD card add-on (though I don’t believe it supports the Pan V3, and it often doesn’t work on some of the newer firmware for other devices either)

If you run Docker Wyze Bridge on another computer on the network, it will allow you to get most of the Wyze camera feeds in RTSP (or other format).

Here is more info on Docker.

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Thanks, I just barely bought a Synology NAS during the Prime Day sale, and have been intending to set up Docker Wyze Bridge on it, just hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

Since that video you posted was specifically about setting it up on Synology, I just took the time to set it up right now using that video and it works great. Only took a few minutes. Really easy. I have a 40 cameras, though some of them aren’t supported by Docker Wyze Bridge right now (FLPro, OG’s, etc), and I didn’t want to use battery cams either. So I took all those out of it, left about 21 cams, and I can see all 21 at the same time and arrange them however I want to on the screen. Very cool.

Now I am going to go install another program that will let me to do my own special detections, etc and save footage straight to my NAS for backup purposes. Docker Wyze Bridge is pretty handy. :slight_smile:

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This is the frustrating part I do not want my network exposed from iot’s. An amcrest, a wyze a ring are all iot’s and subject to security issues. I do not want my feed on someone else’s computer. All we risk is another security break and an ohhhh…we messed up.

What you should do is let your consumer’s choose how they want to see their feeds and not turn it into an upsell opportunity.

It then puts many that can into the mindset of having to code so they can keep themselves safe.

I want you to last as a company as your product is good…but RTSP is a common use stream and you are really leaving those who can…to want to well…shall I say engineer backwards.

There are lots of cameras and camera systems that are NOT cloud based. You want a non-cloud based system, buy one instead of buying a camera system that is entirely cloud based and then complain that it’s cloud based.

Ahh ok got it…i can see now Wyze has NOT had rtsp as an option for how long uhhhhh 5 years and then to scrap it.

My issue is having an option for years and then throwing in the towel.

But hey…I am sure that ypur commentary gets all the company.

RTSP = Less Profit :confused:

Cloud Based = Subscription Profit :grin: