Using Cameras on Synology

I have three cameras; I cannot afford or want an extra subscription for plus usage. I want to integrate my Wyze cameras on my free Synology Viewer as with other cameras available on the market. This is not possible at the moment.

If you flash the Wyze camera for RTSP, they will work with most NVRs.
Wyze has pulled the RTSP firmware, but there are lots of us here that have the files available. Not all Wyze cameras have RTSP firmware available.

You can also use the Wyze Hacks


Or Tiny Cam Pro

All of the above will allow you to capture the Camera streams as if you have RTSP without changing the firmware. Then you can record the camera stream onto your NAS if you want.

Keep in mind there are no options sanctioned officially by Wyze. Even their own RTSP firmware was taken down as Wyze said it was not “Up to date” and could bring various risks by using the outdated firmware.

But if using your own NAS is important to you, there are options out there.

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