Which iOS App version to use

Which latest iOS App should we be using or beta 2.40.0 (6)? My wife’s phone’s version seems newer than the beta version I’m testing. is the current production app version, new as of 3/8.

Your 2.40.0 (6) was the release candidate from a few weeks ago.

Looks like your app version was maybe approved and a new production app was released, and there probably hasn’t been a new beta app for you to update to yet.

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If that is the case, shouldn’t the beta app be automatically updated to the production release? It seems like Wyze missed a step. How do I get all the new trigger rules I created for the beta version over to my wife’s phone that is using the newer production release?

I installed the new App version and all the new HMS trigger rules I wrote from the beta App are on my wife’s phone.