iOS App Version 2.27.33 and Wyze Plug Outdoor Firmware Released - 1/3/22

iOS app 2.27.33 is releasing with a fix for iOS 12 crash issues! We’re sorry and appreciate your patience while we fixed this issue. We’re also releasing Wyze Plug Outdoor firmware for improved syncing behavior!

Read our Release Notes:


It didn’t take long🙂

Edit: I see it on my iPhone 13 Pro Max but not on my iPhone 6+. The one that need it.

And yes I have pulled down the screen🙂

Edit 2: Just appeared. Problem solved👍


Thanks, fixed me! :slight_smile:


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For what it’s worth this update 2.27.33 broke my setup. I have an iPhone 6 running 12.5.5. I still get motion notifications but the app won’t launch. I have gone through all of the normal reset procedures short of deleting and reinstalling.

Hey there, a potential bug with the new app that a bunch of Wyze v3 people are dealing with: Notifications suddently stopped working without any config changes - #28 by daniel.cornwall1993

I just downloaded 2.27.34 on my iOS 12.5.5 iPhone 6, and it runs. So see if that update fixes your issue. :slight_smile:

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