WHERE the heck can we have a thread just about the V3 pan?

Maybe this is the wrong forum,
I don’t do F@@@book unless absolutely necessary.
Reddit is too flaky
Can we have a subforum just for the V3 Pan?
Problems & solutions unique
Such as extension USB cords
and for me right now video lag.


We use the #cam-pan-v3 tag for that camera, and you can set your notification settings to only alert you of posts with that tag, and you can filter by that tag when looking for posts.

Sorry -
Thought the “tag” structure had been discussed years ago and generally found to be of little use.

for example the thread about V3 SD cards didn’t have tags for V3 nor SD cards.

Wyze Cam V3 SD Card Failures 4



(Topics tagged important)not-phone-specificsupport

Try the Search function (magnifying glass) at the upper right of this site. When I search for “v3 Pan” I see 50+ threads.

As I scan through the topics, I see many on your wishlist of topics.

The mods are furiously working to get all the tags on topics cleaned up and corrected to the newly realigned hierarchy. But, many new posters don’t know the system so topics regularly get mistagged.

If you come across a topic that has the wrong tags, flag it and suggest to the Mods what tags should be there in the “other” box.

I just clicked the #cam-pan-v3 tag provided above (hashtag topics are links). It looks pretty clean with 78 current threads.

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